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Jim Sheldon

Back in the late 70's when I was stationed in Augsburg, Germany, I owned a Model 28 ASR, almost like the one in the video, but mine was colored light grey.  Mine had the speed change transmission in it so I could operate 60, 75 or 100 wpm just by moving a lever inside the case.  I built a digital ID unit for it that coupled to the "Here- Is" key and would also respond to the RTTY Signal WRU (Who Are You) and output DE DA1GS (my call over there at the time).  Dieter, DJ8KI bought it off me when I left Germany in 1979 and I reprogrammed the ID unit with his call.  Didn't want to spend the extra money to have it shipped home.
Wife was glad I didn't ship it -- too noisy.  Had several Kleinschmidt units at various times after I got back, and finally with the advent of the old Radio Shack TRS-80 and Color Computers, I finally ditched the "rattle-bangers" and that helped keep peace in the family.  Now that she has her ticket, she said she kinda misses the old machines.
I just completed a deal with a fellow QRP'er on the east coast for a TONO EXL-5000E self contained unit that does RTTY, ASCII, AMTOR and CW.  It will run on AC or 13.8 DC and has a built in 5" video monitor.  This is the unit all the DXpeditions used to use because of it's ability to run off battery.  Original cost on these was around $900 but I picked this one up in working condition for under $100 shipped.  Now all I have to do is find the service manual on it so I can fix it if it ever breaks.  
It does have X-Y outputs for a tuning scope, comes with a keyboard for transmit and will actually do commercial SITOR as well as both FEC and ARQ Amtor.  Not too many guys run ARQ any more though as I haven't heard it in the RTTY portion of 20 for a year or two now.  According to all the reviews though, the box copies RTTY extremely well and supposedly if you can hear the signal it will decode and display it.  There is a Centronics parallel printer port on it so you can get hardcopy if you want to, but except for a traffic net, or copying RTTY pictures that would really be a waste of paper due to the built in video display (it also has an output so you can use a bigger video monitor if you like).
According to FedEx tracking, it'll get here the day after Christmas.  I have a PDF file of the user's manual so I've got all my cables made up and it will connect directly to the K3.  It can run AFSK or direct FSK for transmit and the K3 has a direct FSK input.  That makes it nice because when the signal is tuned for receive, the transmitted signal will be right on frequency and the logging program will log the MARK frequency as it should.
Jim - W0EB

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