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Johnny AC0BQ

Gm John
The QNB? Should work, we will just have to listen for it!
What does the group think??
I have just sent relay a few times but didn't
Get any takers!
Johnny AC0BQ 

On Friday, December 27, 2013, demuthent@... wrote:

I see two "Q" signals concerning relaying.  
The first is QSP?  --  Will you relay to _____ ?  In a net, when you are trying to check in, that might be rather confusing because everyone will have to listen to the entire message to get the idea that the station is not calling the NCS but rather is requesting a relay TO the NCS.

The second is QNB, normally reserved for Net Control Stations only:

     QNB  --  Act as a relay Between _____ and _____.

QNB sounds as if it is normally used primarily as a directive by the NCS.
Perhaps we could use QNB? as a request for someone to relay between our station and the NCS.

Just a thought ...

Finally got a longwire between the house and a pole 175' away, and at long last got a ground wire installed for my second floor shack.  Hope to get my rig unpacked from Field Day and set up this weekend so I can begin checking in once again.  Have been using a 40-meter dipole about 8 feet above ground (NVIS) - but it has gotten my eastern Ohio signal into the net almost every time I have tried.  It will be interesting to see how the longwire will compare!

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