Re: Ice Storm in Michigan


The gensets at work are all scheduled to exercise approximately 30
minutes each week. They are fueled by propane so condensation or fuel
degradation isn't the issue. They are monitored by an alarm system
which will issue a notification should an exercise be missed. This has
caught a lot of issues before the ybecame another emergency within an

As for fuel, I use SeaFoam a lot and that helps. I've found that it
works as both a stabilizer and fuel system cleaner. We're running my
brother's portable generator on year old fuel with little ill effect. If
the fuel can be kept in an area without large temperature swings, I
think that helps.

For those that want to deal with it, diesel is another choice and while
the fuel remains stable over time, one must prepare it for cold weather
or jelling will occur.

Everything is a trade-off. Our club is looking to add the multi-fuel
conversion to the Honda generator so that in a pinch propane can be used
if gas is not readily available. Most everyone has a propane bottle for
a grill and such.

72, de Nate >>


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