Re: Ice Storm in Michigan - generators

Shawn Reed <neivahul@...>

On 12/30/2013 2:20 PM, wmorrill@... wrote:

Question - Do natural gas lines ever shut down? Are they pressurized with
air, and if so, how reliable are the pumps?

>Natural gas is piped under pressure. High and intermediate, (IP-60psi ?) and regulated at the house, low pressure, down to something less than 2 psi. If a pipeline were to suffer a leak, or break, it would be shut down for the repair to be made. Back  a bit, in years, natural gas was pumped into the ground, to fill the void left from extracting any oil --in Montana. In a manner, storing it. Nature may be the original "pressurizer", tho, I imagine relay stations are utilized. When out in the country, propane is delivered, under pressure, in any amount you can afford.  Then, a finer grade is used for minature camp stoves. This, to offset that, and then something else, but I forgot what it was! I know there is some volumn involved, --a bit like voltage. But then again, I may have forgotten some important facts, and I may have it all wrong. 73, Shawnr kf7yff

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