Re: Ice Storm in Michigan - generators

Wendell Morrill

I was thinking about long term emergency situations. I assumed that
natural gas via pipelines would be reliable, but if the pipes must be
pressurized for the system to work, perhaps the pumps that supply the
pressure might be inoperative.

On 12/30/2013 2:20 PM, wrote:

Question - Do natural gas lines ever shut down? Are they pressurized
air, and if so, how reliable are the pumps?

Natural gas is piped under pressure. High and intermediate, (IP-60psi
?) and regulated at the house, low pressure, down to something less
than 2 psi. If a pipeline were to suffer a leak, or break, it would be
shut down for the repair to be made. Back a bit, in years, natural
gas was pumped into the ground, to fill the void left from extracting
any oil --in Montana. In a manner, storing it. Nature may be the
original "pressurizer", tho, I imagine relay stations are utilized.
When out in the country, propane is delivered, under pressure, in any
amount you can afford. Then, a finer grade is used for minature camp
stoves. This, to offset that, and then something else, but I forgot
what it was! I know there is some volumn involved, --a bit like
voltage. But then again, I may have forgotten some important facts,
and I may have it all wrong. 73, Shawnr kf7yff

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