Re: Warbler on the way

Jeremy Utley

Hey Paul!

Speaking from a computer guy, a USB-Serial adapter should work, assuming you get the right kind.  Best one would be one that uses the FTDI chip rather than the Prolific Chip.  Something along the lines of this one should work great:

The FTDI-based USB to Serial converters have shown, in my experience, to be the best.  A lot of the Prolific ones are actually Chinese knock-offs that the Windows drivers often have problems with.

Jeremy, NQ0M

On 1/1/2014 10:00 PM, Paul Smith wrote:

I bought a warbler 80 from a nice ham and want to get on the 4SQRP net... Will a USB to serial adapt work? My little laptop does not have a serial port or do I need to find an older laptop with a port?
Any ideas

de Paul N0NBD

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