Re: Warbler on the way

Jim Sheldon

Definitely what Wayne said.  Make sure you DO NOT get one with the Prolific chip set, especially one made in China.  The Chinese illegally copied Prolific's chips and driver software.  Prolific changed their software so it would not work with the Chinese copies.  
The FTDI chipset for the USB to RS-232 converters works perfectly.  Be sure to load the drivers on the computer though prior to plugging the USB cable in for the first time or the drivers will have to be "uninstalled" and reinstalled before it will work.  (Don't ask me how I know this -- when in doubt, read the book first!).
Jim - W0EB

> Hi Paul,
> No reason why not, mine does. Get one with the FTDI (if I remember
> the nomenclature correctly) chip, NOT the Prolific Chip.
> Enjoy.
> Happy new year to all
> Wayne - KC0PMH
> On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 10:00 PM, Paul Smith
> wrote:
>> I bought a warbler 80 from a nice ham and want to get on the
>> 4SQRP net... Will a USB to serial adapt work? My little laptop
>> does not have a serial port or do I need to find an older laptop
>> with a port?
> Any ideas
> de Paul N0NBD
> Sent from my iPad

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