Re: Ur CW signal

George H. Gates

I tried changing xtal. Problem still there. If I listen to the osc without transmitting I do not hear any birdies. I have a 1/2 toroid left over. Parts list says it is L7. I see no place for it on the board or see it on the schematic? I have also tried running the rig on battery power.

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Hi, George,

You might want to check the transmitter oscillator crystal.  I recall a very similar incident back in the 1960s when WA8JTA's Ameco TX-62 suddenly began putting out signals every 25kHz or so … he was using an 8mHz crystal, multiplied 18X to reach the two meter band.  He changed crystals, and the problem was solved.  He could never use that first crystal again; any attempt to utilize it resulted in multiple outputs.  Yours sounds very similar, and would appear to give similar results if you multiplied it to reach 2 meters.  I wish you the best in locating the problem!  72/73 de K8CQA

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