Re: Is it snowing there yet


Hi all you "sutherners"! 

Not snowing here, although we have about 0.25 inch from the other night. NWS says I can look forward to -13F when

leaving work when I get off at 4 AM tomorrow morning.. UGGG.. I hope the battery in the van will have

enough to fire up the engine!

I do hope it warms up.. going to have surgery on my right foot Wednesday... so will be using

a couple of socks and an open toe metal boot for a week or two... Bad deal is that I am going to

have to go up to St.Paul MN a week from this monday for 4-5 days of an acceptance run for

a new product line we are bringing down into the plant...   

Only good thing is my boss has to leave this Monday to go to our plant in Aberdeen SD.   good weather for him to be gone... (stifled evil laugh - a few snickers too)..  

Hope you are all keeping warm by the soldering iron!

73 - off to work I go!

Arnie KA0NCR

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