Flying pig rig saga!


Excellent work so far, but I suspect it's time to post your note on the Flying Pig reflector.  Most PigRig builders hang out there and the designer monitors the list also.
The extra 1/2" core is probably for the choke on the power supply leads. 
Good luck.
I love this radio stuff !

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So far I have done the following:
Made sure all parts in correct place.
Checked toroids. One had one xtra turn. Removed xtra turn.
Removed binocular toroids and re wound them.
Re heated all solder joints.
Made sure all transistors were correct ones and installed correctly.
I tried changing xtal. Problem still there.
If I listen to the osc without transmitting I do not hear any birdies.
I have a 1/2 toroid left over. Parts list says it is L7. I see no place for it on the board or see it on the schematic?
 I have also tried running the rig on battery power.
About ready to put it in the pig sty (junk box)
 Tnx to everyone for your suggestions.
72 Geo/W2BPI
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Oh Oh just got this report!! Any ideas what could cause this?  Tnx Geo/W2BPI
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Hi George,
Listening to you on 40 meters this morning in QSO with W8QP.
I tried to call you first but couldn't figure out which signal was your findamental
as you are radiating on the whole band 1.2khz apart.
Thought you might want to know about it before an OO sights in on you.
Rick W3BI
Allentown PA

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