Re: Tonites 40m Net(s)

Sam Neal


I was trying out a new transmitter tonight ( 7 QSOs so far ), a 6V6 crystal
oscillator running 4 Watts output. Pardon the keying for the next few weeks as
I re-learn how to use a Hallicrafters HA-1/TO keyer. It has relay keying so I
can use it to key the cathode keyed tube rigs here at N5AF.

My 7122 crystal is slightly low in frequency, so keep me in mind when QNI


Sam Neal N5AF

Tonites 40m Net(s)

I rather suspect that Terry will have a much better response in the morning
than I will this evening. That's just the way it is at this time of year,
it will get better as spring approaches. I wish I could join y'all on the
Thursday morning nets but my boss insists that I be at work and that that I
be about my duties! Whatta guy...
Have fun tomorrow AM. I'll see what happens on the early net as it may not
be worth running the late net, keep an eye on QRPSpots and the e-mail, I'll
post my intentions after the early net. It would seem that the later it
gets the longer the band goes, oh well... I see from the news that there
was a large flare, I also wonder how this will affect performance of the
God Bless all and stay safe/warm/operating.
Wayne - KC0PMH

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