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I have used the NorCal Doublet made from both ribbon cable and zip cord.  It has performed well for me as both a flat top doublet and a sloper in several Flights of the Bumblebees. I have used it with a K1 and the autotuner handled it with no problem.

For ease of deployment, my new fave has become the EARCHI multiband endfed.  A 31 foot wire and an easy to build 9:1 UNUN.  I only need to worry about getting one end up to a suitable height, rather than two. (The NorCal works better as a flat top than as a sloper)

Both are fine antennas for portable, temporary work, and will serve you in good stead.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 10:40 AM, John Adams <johnk4qq@...> wrote:

I have been a ham for 52 years. During that time I have made nearly all of my antennas, except for a beam. I don't know why, but during this time I have not constructed a Norcal Doublet. From reading about it, it seems like it would make a good portable antenna to use with my K1. I am sure several of you have built one at some time. Question: what is your opinion about it's performance and efficiency? Thanks and 73, John K4QQ.

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