Re: Norcal doublet


On 1/10/2014 9:40 AM, John Adams wrote:
I have been a ham for 52 years. During that time I have made nearly all
of my antennas, except for a beam. I don't know why, but during this
time I have not constructed a Norcal Doublet. From reading about it, it
seems like it would make a good portable antenna to use with my K1. I am
sure several of you have built one at some time. Question: what is your
opinion about it's performance and efficiency? Thanks and 73, John K4QQ.
I have never done any side by side tests against anything so I don't know about performance or efficiency. I've made them before and I hear stations and make contacts!

The feedline being balanced is a good thing, assuming you do something at the transmitter to feed it balanced. No idea how lossy it might be since it's typically two conductors on the outside of the ribbon cable separated by two conductors not connected to anything.

It is a useable antenna and for portable type work it packs really small which I think is probably its biggest virtue. Because it was so inexpensive I ended up diverging from the instructions and made one cut specifically for 20 Meters and another for 17 Meters.


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