Re: SSB / PSK Digital Sprint workings

John Lonigro


Did the Second Sunday Digital Day ever happen?  If so, was it a success?  I just happened to be going through old emails and came across this.  If I knew the history of this event, I could try to come up with one to satisfy the digital folks out there.  But, as always, no promises.

John AA0VE

On 10/18/2013 08:32 AM, Walter - K5EST wrote:

Its in the makings......a Sprint for the SSB / PSK / RTTY folks. CW is welcome but at "reduced" points!

Although 4 State on-the-air fun is leaning to CW and we have kits......there are members that working CW contacts are not happening.  So in a few days ...... the newest 4 State Sprint (SSDD) Second Sunday Digital Day).

The 4 State Group pretty well embraces QRP as 5 watts output, so lets stay there. ARCI says 10 watts for SSB but if PSK and RTTY are included I believe the 5 watts is still in effect.

The rules and reporting will be simple and with a deadline on reporting results to count. (Hint....YLs / XYLs are going to be The Big Bonus points)

If there are suggestions for the new SSDD Sprint, please let me know with an email to:
and please put SSDD in the subject line.

Thanks for the loyal support of the 4 State on-the-air events.

72....Walter . K5EST

...get your QRP on--->4SQRP...

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