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Sam Neal


I spent the day in the shack and started and finished a project!! I picked up
a near mint condition Lafayette 8 MHz VFO that was designed as a VFO for older
6 and 2 meter AM rigs. There was plenty of space on the coil form, and I added
a few turns and lowered the VFO's frequency and now I have a nifty VFO ( tube
type with regulated B+ ) for 7 MHz ( but be sure and use a digital readout
receiver for accuracy! ). It is as stable as a Heath-Kit VF-1, but is for 40
meters only.

I made the necessary connecting cable and have made two QSOs so far with the
6V6/Lafayette VFO and 9 QSOs with the 6V6 rig. I spend most days in the shack
and monitor the usual QRP frequencies.

It's just like it is 1957 again!


Sam Neal N5AF/KN5LZJ

GA Sam,

FB on the 6V6 rig, will listen for you around 7120 or so. In the mid
I built a homebrew version of the TO keyer. I let is get away from me and
I hadn't, for nostalgia reasons. It being the first commercial keyer, and my

second hombrew project. I have an HA-1 in the basement now and will get
to restoring it someday.

Thanks for triggering some nice memories of my early amateur adventures.
Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.
I love this radio stuff !
| Hello,
| I was trying out a new transmitter tonight ( 7 QSOs so far ), a 6V6 crystal
| oscillator running 4 Watts output. Pardon the keying for the next few weeks
| I re-learn how to use a Hallicrafters HA-1/TO keyer. It has relay keying so
| can use it to key the cathode keyed tube rigs here at N5AF.
| My 7122 crystal is slightly low in frequency, so keep me in mind when QNI
| time.
| 73,
| Sam Neal N5AF
| Tonites 40m Net(s)
| I rather suspect that Terry will have a much better response in the morning
| than I will this evening. That's just the way it is at this time of year,
| it will get better as spring approaches. I wish I could join y'all on the
| Thursday morning nets but my boss insists that I be at work and that that I
| be about my duties! Whatta guy...
| Have fun tomorrow AM. I'll see what happens on the early net as it may not
| be worth running the late net, keep an eye on QRPSpots and the e-mail, I'll
| post my intentions after the early net. It would seem that the later it
| gets the longer the band goes, oh well... I see from the news that there
| was a large flare, I also wonder how this will affect performance of the
| band.
| God Bless all and stay safe/warm/operating.
| Wayne - KC0PMH
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