SSS Reminder

John Lonigro

The Second Sunday Sprint is tomorrow, 7:00 - 9:00 PM CST. Don't forget!

Clarifications to rules published last Thursday:

1) I don't think there is any phone activity during these sprints, but if there is, the phone portion of the band counts as a separate band from the CW portion. You may make CW and phone contacts with the same station on the same band (e.g., 20M) and that would count as 2 contacts. As always, no prearranged QSO's or CW QSO's on the phone band.

2) While my sample submittal listed the stations that were contacted, you don't need to include them in your submittal. The following submittal would be adequate:

Name: Fido
Call: K9DOG
4SQRP number: 5280
40M CW: 1 QSO
80M CW: 1 QSO
Total: 2 QSOs

If you make an exotic contact (e.g., W100AW or a DX station), feel free to include that in a totally optional bragging section at the bottom of your submittal, to be shared with other 4SQRPer's when I publish the results. It won't affect your score at all, but might be a boost to your ego or make everyone else envious.

The same goes for operating at QRPp levels. No effect on your score, but feel free to mention it in your bragging section.

72, John AA0VE
SSS Coordinator

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