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Walter - K5EST

Thanks Rick. Yes, the antenna coils are an incredible waste of power if they are not built for the job. The article was a bit technical but great reading for us builders. Thanks again.......hope to see you at OzarkCon this year!
72....Walter - K5EST 

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 7:21 PM, Rick Bennett <kc0pet@...> wrote:

A little delayed response here.  Yet another great issue of the Banner.  Daniel N3OX great work on the coil Q experiments and writing it up.

Great job Walter!

de KC0PET, Rick

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GA 4 State members. The "Ozark QRP Banner" is online
along with the 2013 Index.


A very special thanks to Dave - K5DCM our webmaster for helping get the Banner online.

72....Walter . K5EST . Editor

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