Looking for Speaker on inner guts of the iPhone for DCARC club

Phil Anderson

Hello All,

I'm the program manager for my local club this year and looking
for speakers. I have several topics in mind:

1.Digging inside the iPhone.......looking for someone that can talkĀ 
a bit about the inerds of the phone and the function of
the many ICs, sysems, e.g. the USB buss, the Blue Tooth section,

2. An intro to RC modeling, especially the systems/methodsĀ  used
for radio control of the model airplanes.

3. Intro to FLdigi......

Anybody got any leads for me?

I'm aware of the many Utube videos that show taking ur iphone

Unc Phil, Program Chair
DCARC (Douglas County Amateur Radio Club).
email: aldenmcduffie@...
cell: 405-488-7428

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