Re: [QRP-L] NB6M test set capacitor substitution

Jim Kortge

On 1/14/2014 10:31 PM, Ron Smith wrote:
Hello QRPers,
Greetings Ron,

I have started construction of the 4 States QRP Group, NB6M HF test set
That's an old kit! :-)

and have run into a minor snag. In the crystal oscillator section C12 & C13 are supposed to be 120 pF monolithic capacitors. I only have one (don't know if one is missing or if I managed to loose one) and would like to know if I could substitute 100 pF or 150 pF monolithic capacitors from my NorCal QRP club capacitor kit for these.

Yes, either will work fine. If using the 100 pF, put it in the base-emitter position, if using the 150 pF, put it in the emitter-ground position. In each case, the base-emitter position will have the smaller of the two capacitors.

I am sure the people at 4 States QRP Group would send me one,

I don't know if that kit is still being supported with parts, but you already have what you need to make the kit work.

but it may be easier and faster if I could do the substitution.

Do it! :-)

I also have the NorCal QRP Club resistor kit, so if changing the value of C12 and/or C13 would involve changing the nearby resistors, I probably have the needed ones.

No resistor changes needed.

Thanks for any help the group can offer.
You are welcome.


Ron, KE6RS

Jim, K8IQY

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