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I'm just getting back in town and have a couple of contacts to enter..late for scoring but perfect for funning.....
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GM All,

Nice turnout for the Sprint this month, great fun. I'm glad to see the
participation growing, its a fun little Sprint, vy easy to participate in, and a
good way to contact other members for fun and awards. I see Chuck Adams K7QO
participated this month, great to have you in the hunt. I believe that he
mentioned on his reflector that he was using a Pig Rig. Way to go Chuck!

Hope to see all again next month.

Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.
I love this radio stuff !

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| Well, in my opinion, the January Second Sunday Sprint was a success.
| There were 10 entries, compared to 3 in November and only 2 in December.
| Marshall W0OTM and Terry WA0ITP led the pack with 8 QSOs each.
| Impressive to me was the span of states that participated - three from
| out West (AZ, CA, and OR) and one from the East (NJ), along with the
| usual Midwest suspects. Here are the results:
| Call Name QTH 4SQRP # QSOs
| W0OTM Marshall Ottumwa, IA 310 8
| WA0ITP Terry Ottumwa, IA 38 8
| K7QO Chuck Peoria, AZ 631 6
| KV6Z Bill Claremore, OK 520 6
| W2SH Charles Millington, NJ 85 6
| KF7WNS Gary Bandon, OR 687 5
| KB5FCF Joel Edmond, OK 90 4
| AC0BQ Johnny Lebo, KS 162 3
| AA5CO Bruce Tulsa, OK 664 2
| WB6HVH John Visalia, CA 149 1
| The cumulative leader for the year (since November) is Terry WA0ITP with
| 11 QSOs, closely followed by Marshall W0OTM with 8 (must be the Iowa
| soil-hi). After the April SSS (about the halfway point), I'll post
| everyone's cumulative score.
| If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
| Soapbox:
| Gary – KF7WNS:
| John, lots of fun! My first time out on the SSS. Total= 5 QSO's. Several
| came back to me, but I'm plagued by a noise that comes and goes at
| inopertune times. See everyone next month.
| Bill – KV6Z:
| The QRN was bad, but the SSB QRM was brutal. I had to ask for fills on
| several occasions.
| A real heartbreaker was the broken QSO with Gary (KF7WNS). It took
| several attempts to get his call (this guy has real patience!) but I
| never quite got his 4S number.
| I listened as hard as I could and used earphones, but no cigar. And he
| would have been #48 for my W25 award. Bummer. | radio operator here>. On a lighter note, I haven't had this much fun
| since the last SSS and I'd like to thank the organizers of this event
| for all the work they do. C U next time.
| Bruce - AA5CO:
| ol' #52 Cyclone 40 5 watts
| 40 meter inv vee center at 33 feet.
| Chuck – K7QO:
| Was just testing the new rig. I did not know that I was
| in a contest until this morning when I saw the notice
| on the reflector to send in a log. :-)
| Thanks and I will be in all of them from now on,
| A lot of fun.
| Charles, W2SH
| Signals long on 40m and strong on 80m. Activity seemed light.
| John - WB6HVH:
| Bummer.
| Until February, 72,
| John AA0VE
| SSS Coordinator
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