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If you have a legitimate excuse for late submittal, I don't think anyone would mind if you sent me your results late.  I've got to make a couple of corrections anyway.  My main reason for setting a submittal "deadline" was to know when I could safely summarize the results and be done with them until next month.  Send them my way today and I'll include them in my final summary tomorrow.  But once the final summary is sent out, that's it until February.


John AA0VE

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I'm just getting back in town and have a couple of contacts to enter..late for scoring but perfect for funning.....
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GM All,

Nice turnout for the Sprint this month, great fun. I'm glad to see the
participation growing, its a fun little Sprint, vy easy to participate in, and a
good way to contact other members for fun and awards. I see Chuck Adams K7QO
participated this month, great to have you in the hunt. I believe that he
mentioned on his reflector that he was using a Pig Rig. Way to go Chuck!

Hope to see all again next month.

Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.
I love this radio stuff !

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| Well, in my opinion, the January Second Sunday Sprint was a success.
| There were 10 entries, compared to 3 in November and only 2 in December.
| Marshall W0OTM and Terry WA0ITP led the pack with 8 QSOs each.
| Impressive to me was the span of states that participated - three from
| out West (AZ, CA, and OR) and one from the East (NJ), along with the
| usual Midwest suspects. Here are the results:
| Call Name QTH 4SQRP # QSOs
| W0OTM Marshall Ottumwa, IA 310 8
| WA0ITP Terry Ottumwa, IA 38 8
| K7QO Chuck Peoria, AZ 631 6
| KV6Z Bill Claremore, OK 520 6
| W2SH Charles Millington, NJ 85 6
| KF7WNS Gary Bandon, OR 687 5
| KB5FCF Joel Edmond, OK 90 4
| AC0BQ Johnny Lebo, KS 162 3
| AA5CO Bruce Tulsa, OK 664 2
| WB6HVH John Visalia, CA 149 1
| The cumulative leader for the year (since November) is Terry WA0ITP with
| 11 QSOs, closely followed by Marshall W0OTM with 8 (must be the Iowa
| soil-hi). After the April SSS (about the halfway point), I'll post
| everyone's cumulative score.
| If you find any mistakes, please let me know.
| Soapbox:
| Gary – KF7WNS:
| John, lots of fun! My first time out on the SSS. Total= 5 QSO's. Several
| came back to me, but I'm plagued by a noise that comes and goes at
| inopertune times. See everyone next month.
| Bill – KV6Z:
| The QRN was bad, but the SSB QRM was brutal. I had to ask for fills on
| several occasions.
| A real heartbreaker was the broken QSO with Gary (KF7WNS). It took
| several attempts to get his call (this guy has real patience!) but I
| never quite got his 4S number.
| I listened as hard as I could and used earphones, but no cigar. And he
| would have been #48 for my W25 award. Bummer. | radio operator here>. On a lighter note, I haven't had this much fun
| since the last SSS and I'd like to thank the organizers of this event
| for all the work they do. C U next time.
| Bruce - AA5CO:
| ol' #52 Cyclone 40 5 watts
| 40 meter inv vee center at 33 feet.
| Chuck – K7QO:
| Was just testing the new rig. I did not know that I was
| in a contest until this morning when I saw the notice
| on the reflector to send in a log. :-)
| Thanks and I will be in all of them from now on,
| A lot of fun.
| Charles, W2SH
| Signals long on 40m and strong on 80m. Activity seemed light.
| John - WB6HVH:
| Bummer.
| Until February, 72,
| John AA0VE
| SSS Coordinator
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