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Rick Bennett

I have had some luck with noisy switcher power supplies with using beads on the power leads.  And sometimes multiple wraps on the bead is what it takes.  I have a bucket full of beads that came off of old computer cables that someone gave me. Sometimes these work, sometimes RFI beads like FT-73-2401 work.  Unfortunately this is often a trial and error thing, but may be worth a try if you have these things in your junk box.  I suppose if I had a spectrum analyzer this process might be easier, but you will not find one of those in my ham shack (maybe some day...).


The issue with the broken web link below may very well be a formatting problem between e-mail venues.  I have found myself being a user of several e-mail platforms including Lotus Notes, Outlook and at least 3 web mail formats.  I have encountered similar problems before and have had to help some non-tech users through this also.  Even the browser program can make a difference.  I recently had some problems with Yahoo web mail between Internet Explorer and Chrome (same yahoo e-mail account, results varied between IE and Chrome).  These kinds of things are major contributors to my hair loss, increased greying of the hair left and the fact that I have an ongoing prescription for Xanax.


de KC0PET, Rick

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I bought two and I have no noise problems, on the other hand I have
several power supplies for an external Hard Disk and they also have
no noise detectable. I guess ones mileage will vary.

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>I bought one of these to use with my KX3. I get a lot of hash from
>it! 72 George/W2BPI
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