Re: January SSS Results

John Lonigro


I just sent out the FINAL update.  You said you had a couple of contacts, so I put you down for 2.  Guess it should have been 4 (can't count W2SH twice on the same band).  I'll make the change on my spreadsheet, but will not send out a correction.


John AA0VE

On 01/16/2014 06:50 PM, KB4QQJ@... wrote:

Contacts = 5
Non-Members = 1
4s Members = 3
Mode = CW

13-Jan-2014 0247|K3Y/1|3564|80 m|CW|Andy|50w|
13-Jan-2014 0241|W2SH|7122|40 m|CW|Charles|NJ|4s# 85
13-Jan-2014 0257|W2SH|7121|40 m|CW|Charles|NJ|4s# 85
13-Jan-2014 0240|AA5CO|7122|40 m|CW|Bruce|OK|4s# 664
13-Jan-2014 0239|KV6Z|7122|40 m|CW|William|OK|4s# 520

Thanks for the late entry. I left town the next morning and got back
yesterday, so no problem not entering it. I just wanted the guys I did
work to get credit.

73 for now,

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