FOX: FOXHUNT TMW 0200z 40m

Dale Putnam

WX2S and WC7S, the two "S" Fox, will be out into the 40 acre woods tmw evening at 0200z somewhere 10khz either side of 7.040 
The Hounds will be directed by the Fox to call, up 1 to 2 - spread it out... OR Down 1 to 2 spread out... the answer from the Fox:
in my case:
Your call - rst - WY - Dale - 5w bk 
then your answer with your info.... :  RST - ur state - ur name - ur pwr... nothing over 5 watts from the tx, please. this is a QRP event, NOT a QRO masquerade as QRP event. With the band going long so quickly during the hunts.. please accept that the two Fox are doing their best to hand out as many pelts as can. 

I have been fine tuning a new antenna.. calling it a bow tie... is has been doing well with reports 160 - 10... and it works right nice on 40 too.
I have my K2 repaired from the weekend, and will be using it at 5 watts out, as measured with (take your pick) a scope, a WM-2, a Bird 34, or a wet noodle. 
I will try to stay away from the speed knob.. and keep it close to 20 wpm.. but if you can't copy at 20.. try anyway, and call me slower, after the first rush.. I will be able to pick you out and answer slower too. I will also try to check simplex at times.. and will go simplex when the rate slows to allow simplex. IF you are calling simpex, while I am split, please only call with your call sign one time at a time. And during the rush... if we can spead out a bit.. I'll use my vfo knob too. 

Good Luck to all, let's have some good clean fun. 

Come catch me if you can,  during the fastest 90 min you'll see 

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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