Re: OzarkCON - Whats up with the hotel reservations?

Paul Smith

Hello Arnie and others,
I have been working with Terry to get Ozarkcon setup and ready to go. We have a GREAT line up of speakers committed to be there. We have their bios and will set the schedule soon. We have a planning meeting in a couple weeks with the hotel management to set the banquet and saturday lunch. Let's see what else. The room price should be the same as last year and I am sure that the hotel will take reservations anytime. I will get the preregistration opened soon. We will post here as soon as the preregistration is open. Filling Terry's shoes is proving to be a Herculean task. There will be an Ozarkcon. The food will be good and the rest will be a blast as well... Plan on being there April 4 and 5!

de Paul Smith N0NBD

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Hi Group,  

Just was wondering how things are coming along for OzarkCON? 
Its just a little over 2 months away right now, and I have't seen anything about getting hotel reservations yet.

 .Maybe I am jumping the gun, but I thought that last year this info was out by now.   .Getting excited for April to roll around so we can head out  for OzarkCON!

When should we be looking for the reservations to open?  

Thanks to all who make OzarkCON possible!
73 - Arnie KA0NCR

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