Re: Thursday Morning Net [1 Attachment]



I was on my PigRig so I’m not sure how wide the band pass is on it. Anyway there was absolutely NO drift that I could notice. The only problem at net time was very deep QSB. It would take you from an honest 599 to almost esp at times. It was on all the stations. I was there from when you first sent QRL to the last dit dit!!!!

I won’t be on this morning. I will be in the process of moving the PigRig once again. Plus I am on the bottom of my gastrointestinal loop which means I am on the pot more than off:-(

We are still giddy around here due to Patsy’s vision improvement. Regardless of the outcome of her left eye, of course, we hope for the best, she has wonderful vision in her right eye!!!!!

cu es 72, Bart

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