Re: 4S QRP Watering Holes!

Bill Cromwell

On Sun, 2013-03-03 at 05:50 -0600, John R. Lonigro wrote:


The unique feature of the Pigrig is the narrow crystal filter is also
tuned to 7.031 MHz. The entire rig is designed around that frequency.
Diz was able to do that because it is a single frequency rig. That's
why, for example, you can't easily modify it to use the SAVXO.

John AA0VE


To be crystal clear (pun intended) the crystal filter is in the front
end of the receiver and NOT at some IF or "shifted frequency". A VXO
won't help much. It sounds like a lot of fun. But it's not my cup of tea
being so restricted, either. Unless..I have some *other* radios I can
use when the Pig Rig frequency is in use. Like the radios that surround
me when I'm typing emails (evil grin).


Bill KU8H

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