Re: W1AW/2

Louis Axeman <n8la@...>

Congratulations on working W1AW/2 through huge SSB pileup!  Worked him at 0450z on 3.528MHz. CW QRP with no pileup.  Hard for me to believe, also.

73, Lou N8LA

On Monday, January 27, 2014 7:55 PM, "on30ng@..." wrote:
It's cold here but decided to come down to the shack. I tuned around 40 M and stumbled onto W1AW/2 at 7.205 SSB. I tried a couple of times and what would you know? I got him. I couldn't believe it. HUGE pileup. Band is quiet. 
I couldn't hardly believe it!

Dan - KB9JLO

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