Litz Wire---- Was [4sqrp] 4S QRP Watering Holes!


Hi Folks,

Just read, with interest, Charles W2SH's email about moving the frequency of a rock bound rig like the Pig Rig. It brought up a mystery I have wondered about and pondered for years. Like many on this list I have build and played with crystal radios for many years and presently subscribe to Uncle Phil's wonderful and informative newsletter that is directed towards all aspects of crystal radios and their evolution into later generations of rigs. I am sure that somewhere along the line he or one of his authors have answered the question, what is the secret that gives litz wire it's magical properties? If so, I missed it and am still wondering.

If anyone knows of an explanation of litz wire's magical properties would you please direct me to such an explanation? I am sure the explanation would be too lengthy to be answered in a return email but if that would be possible please have at it!!!

cu es 72, Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS

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