RMRc Net Rpt - Jan

Dale Putnam

The NAQCC Rocky Mountain Regional and Continental Net report:

12-31-13 WC7S (4) N6MY, KF7WNS, KE6OIO
1-2-2014 WC7S (6) KE6OIO, K6MGO, AA7CU, K0DTJ, VE3MPQ
1-7-2014 WC7S (9) N6MY, KE6OIO, AA7CU, KF7WNS, AE7CG, NK6A, K6MGO, K4BAI
1-9-2014 WC7S (4) KF7WNS, N6DL, AA7CU
1-14-14   WC7S (3) KE6OIO, K7MGO
1-16-14   WC7S (4) KE6OIO, KU8L, N6NY
1-21-14   WC7S (6) N6MY, KE6OIO, K6MGO, K0DTJ, KF7WNS
1-23-14   WC7S (7) AA7CU, K6MY, KE6OIO, K0DTJ, NW6R, K6MGO
1-28-14   WC7S (3) KE6OIO, AA7CU

We have enjoyed some great nets, filled with interesting information and conversation. Many of the
nets this time were run with NCS at QRP. 
It is a lot of fun, and interesting to share temps and current events in our situations. What are 
you doing in your shack?  Every Tues and Thurs at 2300z on 14.0625
It's all about having fun and learning to be better ops too.
Thanks to the NAQCC for sponsoring us.
Come tell us what's going on in your shack?

C U on the net!

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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