Re: 4SQRP T-Shirt Question

Timothy-Allen Albertson <kd0oia@...>

Congrats on the new ticket and welcome to the Amateur Radio Service.
Now enjoy yourself and work to upgrade your license and learn something
new about radio every dya.


On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 7:03 PM, <email4utoo@...> wrote:

Hello All, i am a newbee to this great group, after many years got my Tech Ticket, was Wondering , did not see any T-Shirts, Hoodies , on the site, i know you don't have dues,which i find refreshing . Still i would like to buy a T-Shirt etc thru the Club, What about it ?
    73s, KF5ZYB (yes does not show up yet ), AJ is my Handle , i live in Yellville , Arkansas , 1.25 Hrs from Branson,MO, so will try and come and meet some of you , i am excited . I was a Ham in the 60s as a Teen.

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