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Hey AJ, congratulations on your new call and welcome to the 4SQRP group. This great group lots of swell guys. Check out the kits that are offered. I have built several of them. If you get Into a problem they will not let you fail! 

I am in Bossier City La. Lets try to hook up on 7122 some evening.

72/73 John NS5Z

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Hello All, i am a newbee to this great group, after many years got my Tech Ticket, was Wondering , did not see any T-Shirts, Hoodies , on the site, i know you don't have dues,which i find refreshing . Still i would like to buy a T-Shirt etc thru the Club, What about it ?
    73s, KF5ZYB (yes does not show up yet ), AJ is my Handle , i live in Yellville , Arkansas , 1.25 Hrs from Branson,MO, so will try and come and meet some of you , i am excited . I was a Ham in the 60s as a Teen.

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