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FDIM  announcement from Jim Stafford, W4QO
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Subject: [nogaqrp] 2014 Four Days In May - Homebrew Contest Announced

This is to announce the Homebrew Contest categories for
the Four Days In May (www.qrparci.org/fdim  ) in Dayton.
This will be held Friday night (May 16) and is FREE!  We will
have the usual five categories for you to enter:

  1. All Homebrew (Xcvr,Xmtr,Rcvr)
  2. Modified Kit (Xcvr,Xmtr,Rcvr)
  3. Station accessories (homebrew or modified kit)
  4. Test Equipment (homebrew or modified kit)
  5. Antennas  (Portable, Loops, Ferrite based, etc)
  6. 2014 Special Category  - see below....
  7. TenTec Rebel - separate category for Rebel enthusiasts
  8. Best of show
Of course the BEST OF SHOW is not an equipment
category but simply a voting category.  All voting is the "People's
Choice" method.  Last year,(and this year too) entrants
will be seated behind their entry (if they so chose) and
will answer questions in order to sway  the voters to
their project, if you will!  Note that all entries
must be either all homebrew or a modified kit.  Stock kits
are not eligible for entry BUT may be placed on display at
"show and tell"  and club tables around the room.

We think this will be an exciting category and draw a
lot of attention.  These sets may be ones you build 50
years ago or just for this event.  As in all the categories
some of the criteria to consider are:
A. Quality of construction
B. Uniqueness
C. Cleverness
D. Capability
E. Engineering/Circuit design
But in the end, it's just what will impress the viewers!

So invite your friends to attend, vote and even enter
this SPECIAL CATEGORY.  So get out those Oatmeal Boxes
and soldering irons.  We'd like to have a hundred entries
in all categories.   Remember, if you don’t want to enter
the contest, we'd like all attendees to bring your
latest project and display it for Show & Tell.

Yes, we will also have club tables - we had 13 last year
so stay tuned for that info.  All this and more at
this year's FDIM - Friday Night - Club Night
and Construction Contest affair.

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