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Hello Sam, It is a snow day here today.....Snow day Tuesday also.....It is giving me time to lay out a transmitter circuit board for 40 meters.....10 watts out with a power control.....In about a week or so, I am going to put up a shortened 40 meter dipole and get in some 7122 receive time.....I have bad propagated in RF noise, but, I am working on sound card audio filtering.....Through the noise, I have heard 31 countries, 200+ stations and 3 continents on PSK-31 on 20 meters in the last 2 months.....This tells me that narrowing up the audio will do the trick.....

For circuit board layout purposes, I would prefer the HC-49 case style, if I may.....

My address is Gary Rheuark
P.O. BOX 591
Gainesville MO 65655-0591

In return for this favor, I will extend my help and company to a brand new KF5 just across the State line down in Arkansas.....He doesn't have an antenna up yet due to our bad weather.....It may be that when I go to Arkansas to meet him over pizza, we may run out to his place and put up a quick and dirty dipole stuck up in the trees.....

Speaking about the State line, I am waiting on my last circuit boards for a pair of 10 GHZ transceivers, full duplex.....10 Milliwatts power output.....We have a lot of 10 mile,
20 mile and 45 mile line of sight hilltops around here with nice drive-ups and parking.....I will help the new KF5 get the 1000 Mile per Watt Award as soon as the weather gets back above freezing.....

If you are a county hunter, I am in Ozark County MO that has a ham population of 73 hams and as I remember, with the bulk of them on 2 meter FM and 432 FM.....I only know of 2 hams on HF and not on 40 meters, besides me.....

I have designed and built my own 1296 MHZ rig and I am working on a design for 2304 MHZ transverter.....I am trying to get Parts per Billion frequency stability on both bands and a total cost of $50.00 including a DIY antenna tripod using a freebie 18" dish.....The last power up on 2304 yielded a just barely detectable drift.....Almost not detectable.....Using an open circuit board exposed to room temperature.....

To keep my sanity with the 2304 MHZ transverter, I am programming the microprocessor for frequency steps of 100 KHZ.....Transmit on both bands is independent of any
2 meter transmit input as the transmit frequency is generated directly and the receiver is there only for an exact frequency receive on both bands.....

Well okay Sam, I appreciate the offer of a crystal and if there is anyway of repaying you for the favor, please tell me.....Thank you.....Gary...K5QNM.

On 2/2/2014 5:28 PM, Sam Neal wrote:
Hello Gary,

I have two FT-243 7122 crystals ( hc-49 inside FT-243 shells ) that I use.
Plus I have at least two other hc-49 7122 crystals ( wire leads & aluminum
case ). If you want one of the hc-49's, let me know your address and it will
be in the mail, possible the same day. The only cost will be a 7122 QSO.


Sam Neal N5AF
Cleveland, Texas

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Ga Gary
Have a look at AF4k's web site.
He makes the Ft243 crystals as well.
Johnny AC0BQ

On Saturday, February 1, 2014, gary rheuark <> wrote:

Good Morning all, I have been listening to the fun on 7122.....Where do I
find crystals for that frequency?.....Gary...K5QNM.
On Sat, 2/1/14, WA0ITP

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GM Pauly,

did you here me working Phil and Bill? If
so give me a shout when you have

Back to the bench, Winter's too valuable to waste.
I love this radio stuff !

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| Hello all Phil is workin em on 7122
| de Paul Smith N0NBD
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