Power meter accuracy

Bruce Winkelman <bdwink@...>

I did a bit of "domestic archaeology" in the attic this afternoon and found a long-forgotten Autek Research WM1 SWR/PWR meter. Managed to even find the matching wall-wart !! Put it in-line with the TenTec Argo 556 and noted a difference in power reading between the Argo and WM1. The meter in the Argo shows 4 watts (dead center between the "3" and "5" points on the front panel meter) and the WM1 shows exactly 3 watts on the 0-20 scale.

So, which one is closer to the truth? In the big picture, it doesn't really matter but I'm enough of a radio nerd to want to know closer than "3-4 watts". Is there a way to determine which reading is accurate? Can the WM1 meter cause that much power "loss"? I do not have any test equipment here so it may be a moot point. Your comments welcome. Thanks in advance.

Bruce AA5CO
4SQRP #664
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