No, seriously, this is real. HI

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This message is coming to you with great depression due to my state
of discomfort, hope you get this fast and in good health. I really
don't want to disturb you about this but I had no one else to turn
to. In case you are not aware I'm presently in Claremore, Oklahoma and
i'm writing to inform you about my Rockmite transceiver's illness, It is
diagnosed with AJT (Acute Junction Thermoitis) - a type of transistor 
Please I'm very sorry for my unannounced trouble, the news
of my transceiver's failure got to me as an emergency so i had too rush down here.

The only way it can survive is by undergoing a TRT (Transistor Replacement Therapy).
It will be undergoing the transplant soon at the workshop in my garage.
The estimate for the transplant is 0.19 USD. I have already spent approx. 0.32 USD towards 
the repair. i'm having some financial problem here due to the
short period i had to prepare. I request you to lend out a helping
hand and support me with a donation of scraps of tin foil. Once I get enough tin foil,
I'll take it to the metal recycling place in order to purchase a replacement transistor.
I am  really going through terrible pain and agony right now over the loss of my last 2N2222 so any kind
of help whatsoever will be deeply appreciated. Send no money - only tin foil scraps.Your help and support
will give my Rockmite a chance to live a normal life once again. I promise
to make the refund once I get back home. I sincerely apologize for
any inconveniences this request may cause you. Please let me know
what you can help me with,

I will await your prompt response.

Kind regards
P.S. - I know it's a ways til April 01, but I just couldn't resist.

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