wow LOOK What came in the mail!

Dale Putnam

We finally got out to get to the mail box... (temps yesterday were a -22, today +36) Got a call from my bride, 
said: "Can you come help, you have a package and a handful of mail" So out to the car, she had gotten the mail 
on the way home from her office. Out pops a package from good Friend, Doc K0EVZ, very welcome antenna to 
test out. And the assorted bills.. (no one ever gets those right?) And... oh yeah! AND.. a large envelope from
ARRL contest div... with a certificate in it.. for SWEEPSTAKES!! Wahoo...!!  
First Place, Wyoming Section, and Division Winner.. for cw.. Single Op QRP... 

I hadn't checked the scores.. think  will now. So the trip to the mailbox was sure worth it.. I will find something for
my bride for doing that!!

Thank you ARRL for continuing to get the backlog worked. 
and thanks to all the fellows that gave me a Q!!

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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