Re: PigRigs and Crystals

John C. Demuth - K8CQA



Please put me down for a set of crystals.


I don’t have the rig yet, but better get the crystals while I can … that will be all the more incentive to get the rig!


72/73,  John - K8CQA




On 3/3/2013 1:44 PM, WA0ITP wrote:


Right on Jerry.


If the Group is interested, I'll organize a group purchase of 7122 crystals.  They will probably cost between $1 and $2 each.  I'll take the bulk delivery and mail your 4 xtals to you.  The postage will be on my nickel.


If at least 10 members sign up, I'll go ahead and place the order.  Wanna do it?


FYI Diz only has 60 PigRigs left. 


btw usual disclaimers apply both on the crystals and the rigs.

I love this radio stuff !



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