Re: Tonight's 40m net

Michael McShan

Hi Wayne, 

You were 549 to 559 here in OK City.  I was using my HW-8 that I built in 1984, and you sounded good.  Too bad my 2W were not enough for the other direction.

73, Mike W5RST

On Feb 12, 2014, at 8:16 PM, Wayne Dillon <wayne.dillon@...> wrote:

GE Folks,
In the interests of full disclosure I was running my FT920 at the 1 watt level (QRPOmeter measured) and that seemed to do OK. Thanks for putting up with the mistakes, the robot is away for service so the human had to do it :)
A good net tonight, although conditions went down the tubes fast as we approached 20:00 local. Here's the results:
KV6Z - Bill - OK
AC0BQ - Johnny - KS
W5XE - Ray - TX, nice to hear you back Ray
N0YJ - Bert - KS, some to you Bert, It's been a while
N5AF - Sam - TX
WB6JBM - Rick - OH. Welcome Rick, please let me know if I screwed up (again) condx were tough when you called.
To all many thanks and to all whom I didn't hear, let's keep trying.
72/3 es God Bless to all, stay safe and warm.
Wayne - KC0PMH

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