Re: What are the letter codes for numbers for CW?

Johnny AC0BQ

Gm Phil 
The spring thaw is in the way!
I always thought a T or a long dash was short for just one zero?
Thats my 2 c worth !
Johnny AC0BQ

On Saturday, February 15, 2014, Phil Anderson <aldenmcduffie@...> wrote:

Hi OMs,

Many CW stations abbreviate their power with a number or letter
followed by a T and a second T, wherein T=10. So if a station
says his power is 3TT, he means 3*10*10 or 300 watts.

However, I've heard that some ops use a letter code for that first number,
but I can't find a definition on the web? Anybody know?

For example, in the ARRL contest going on this morning, I heard
OL1C on ten meters give his report at 5NN JTT, what's the J?


Unc Phil, W0XI

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