Re: FS: K2 SN 6040 With Acessories

bobby rolph

Hi Terry. Has the K2 sold yet/

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 7:41 PM, <wa0itp@...> wrote:

I thought I'd post this here first before posting on the other reflectors.
Due to an insatiable lust for a new rig, I'm selling my very fine K2/10. Cosmetically it is 9+ on a scale of 10, and it comes with these modules and all the documentation.

KAF2 Audio Filter and Real Time Clock.
KAT2 Automatic Antenna Tuner
K160RX 160 Meter Module with Receive Antenna Switch
K102 Auxillary I/O Module for Computer Control
Serial Port Cable
KSB2 SSB Adapter
MH2 Microphone
Custom Cover

It functions exactly as designed and has been in a non smoking environment since being built by Larry Draughn, AE4LD. Larry is the owner of LnR Precision, Inc. and his building skills are excellent. Don Welhelm, W3FPR aligned the rig, and it plays perfectly.

I'm asking $800 shipped and insured in CONUS. DX pse contact me for shipping charges.

Thank you for considering.

72 Terry WAØITP

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