Re: What are the letter codes for numbers for CW?

Bill Cromwell

On 02/15/2014 07:18 PM, Rick Bennett wrote:
IMHO one should probably avoid the more obscure shortcuts. N for 9 is pretty common, but I would honestly not know any of the rest of them and I am guessing a lot of other operators out there won't either. As my fine CW teachers pointed out if we are going to be good communicators it is best to avoid abbreviations and shortcuts that most people won't recognize. If in doubt just spell it out.

My $.02

de KC0PET, Rick

Make that four cents. There once was the long dash (not a 'T') as a substitute for zero but if you don't use a straight key or a bug you're out of luck sending one of those. Most of the time when we try to make shortcuts and abbreviations we end up with meaningless alphabet soup, babbling, and straight gibberish. 'N' and '9' are completely different things and that's why they are spelled differently. I do know from overexposure what the 5NN is but if that 'N' get used in another context...well I just shrug, take a sip of coffee, and move on.

That's a lot for an additional two cents.


Bill KU8H

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