Re: What are the letter codes for numbers for CW?

Phil Anderson

Thanks Rick and Bill.............

Seems as if the guys operating from 28000 to 28025 in the
WPX contest today and tomorrow use a lot of these
codes and their code rate  is faster than I'm used to too.........but I got
by by listening to their calls a number of times....they were
all european calls since this is a WPX exchange from there
with either Canadians or US op this side of the big pond.

I noticed that a great many of them were using a KW or at least 5TT.
Ha, little ole me.....I was running my FT450D at an outragious 50 Watts!
Most of them heard me but I sometimes had to wait in the pileup until
the CA kilowatt guys got their share, hi. Long live moderate power!!! 

I head JTT, aNN, N, 1TT,  3TT and other abbrevs.....seems like a great veriety,
also heard KW......with obvious meaning. Nearly all of them were using
these abbreviations, so I guess it's eat like the Romans when in Rome!

I decided to work 26 contacts, labeling in the margin Z for the
number of contacts made, then when reaching Z I quit - had other stuff to do
at home. My join WPX again in the morning. Plenty of signals from 8 AM
through 10 AM today  .........was really fun.

72, unc Phil, W0XI

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