Re: What are the letter codes for numbers for CW?

Jim Sheldon

It's not WPX, it's the ARRL International DX contest.  US and Canadian Stations can work only DX stations & vice versa.  DX exchange is RST plus their power.  US & Canadians send RST & state or province.

Jim - W0EB

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On Feb 15, 2014, at 7:00 PM, Phil Anderson <aldenmcduffie@...> wrote:

Thanks Rick and Bill.............

Seems as if the guys operating from 28000 to 28025 in the
WPX contest today and tomorrow use a lot of these
codes and their code rate  is faster than I'm used to too.........but I got
by by listening to their calls a number of times....they were
all european calls since this is a WPX exchange from there
with either Canadians or US op this side of the big pond.

I noticed that a great many of them were using a KW or at least 5TT.
Ha, little ole me.....I was running my FT450D at an outragious 50 Watts!
Most of them heard me but I sometimes had to wait in the pileup until
the CA kilowatt guys got their share, hi. Long live moderate power!!! 

I head JTT, aNN, N, 1TT,  3TT and other abbrevs.....seems like a great veriety,
also heard KW......with obvious meaning. Nearly all of them were using
these abbreviations, so I guess it's eat like the Romans when in Rome!

I decided to work 26 contacts, labeling in the margin Z for the
number of contacts made, then when reaching Z I quit - had other stuff to do
at home. My join WPX again in the morning. Plenty of signals from 8 AM
through 10 AM today  .........was really fun.

72, unc Phil, W0XI

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