15 minutes of QRP fun

Bruce Winkelman <bdwink@...>

Dipped my toes into the 15 meter cw pond late this afternoon and had my 15 minutes of QRP fame. Worked Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Brazil and Curacao in that order between 0035 and 0050Z 16FEB14. Used the TenTec Argo 556 at 3-4 watts (depending on which meter one believes! ) and a 40 meter inverted vee, center at 33 feet. The QSO with Guam certainly makes the 1000 MPW club and, if one of the meters is to believed (3 watts), it's a solid 2000 MPW at 7200+ miles from Tulsa.

Now this is FUN!! Granted, these were contest stations with hundreds of feet of aluminum tubing way up in the air but ....It still amazes me that a simple 40 meter inverted vee, excited by a "night-light" power transmitter can make the circuit over 7200 miles out into the vast Pacific. *This* is why I love radio!

Bruce AA5CO
Tulsa, OK

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