Re: Echos on 15 meters

Jim Sheldon

I wasn't QRP either this time. I'm field testing some new K3 and their high power antenna tuner firmware in the contest so I was actually running 600 watts at the time. Having fun playing with the big boys in this one. Right now taking a coffee break. Last QSO rate was 72/hr. That's actually a personal best for me. Propagation on all bands but 160 has been phenomenal. Been a long time since ALL bands were open for an entire contest weekend!

Jim - W0EB

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On Feb 16, 2014, at 6:42 AM, "Pat" <> wrote:

That is always cool! I remember the first time I experienced that I was loading up a linear on 15 to do some RTTY back in the day and was quite amazed. And of coarse it came back a few Hz down.

Never experienced that QRP though.


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