Re: Magic Box Modification.

Jim Kortge

On 2/20/2014 6:58 AM, Hajo Dezelski wrote:

Greetings Hajo,

I am not an engineer, so bare with me:
No problem.

Currently I am experimenting a lot with Wspr using the Ultimate 3 from
Hans Summers.(See activities on my blog.) I only transmit in a time
frame of 10 minutes once and have the other 8 minutes free.
What causes the transmitter to come on the air? Is the signal that makes that happen available to the outside of the Ultimate 3?

So I
wanted to listen and report to wspr with another receiver, but I have
only one antenna.
The MagicBox could switch the antenna for you, so to speak so that when the Ultimate 3 isn't using the antenna, the receiver can be.

So I remembered a kit, which is still unsoldered: the magic box. My
question: Is there a way that I can connect the tx and the Rx so that
the Rx is automatically muted when the wspr tx starts to make it's
Yes, that's exactly what it does, but it needs a signal from the transmitter to tell the MagicBox that the WSPR transmission is going to happen.

The maximum output is 200 mW, but normally I use between
10 -100 mW.
No problem there.

So I am looking for some sort of HF sniffer which triggers the magic
box to do its work.
No, you need the signal from the Ultimate 3 that causes it to transmit and use that signal to key the MagicBox and cause it to go from receive mode to transmit mode. The MagicBox keys using a voltage being grounded, like closing a key.

Any ideas which can be performed by an amateur?
See above.

72 de
72 and have fun,

Jim, K8IQY

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