Inductor types and applications

James Compton

I'm going to build the Elliptic Low Pass Filter shown in the 4SQRP SAVXO article "How to Put  the SAVXO on the Air and be Legal" .  The schematic shows L1 as 0.9 microhenry and the picture shows a toroid.  My question is: can an air-core coil inductor be used instead of a toroid?  

By extension; a general discussion of inductor types would be very helpful for some of us who are not electronically savvy.  In general, what are the advantages/disadvantages of using toroids in simple circuits, ie., simple qrp transmitters, low pass filters, etc., instead of air-core coils.  Also, can manufactured inductors (I recently purchased some from Mouser shaped like high-wattage resistors) be used in place of toroids as long as the inductance values are the same?  

I know there are basic differences in inductors, even when their inductance values are identical. Since air-core coils are so easy to build, I need to know their limitations in simple qrp applications.

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