Re: Wed Nite 80M CW Net [1 Attachment]

Johnny AC0BQ

Ge Terry and the group!
Wow, i had to try harder to find an open spot for the 4SQRP net, than i did for the fox hunt last night!!!
This is good!
The signals were great here in Ks tonight, good to hear the nice turnout.
72 all 
Johnny AC0BQ

On Wednesday, February 26, 2014, WA0ITP <wa0itp@...> wrote:
Greeaatt Net tonight,13 checkins, thanks to all. 80 was in great Four State shape tonight, loud signals and fairly low noise, a little QSB but not bad.    WA9PWP, Paul in WI, was the coldest at 9 above. Making it in were:

QRP....."more smiles per watt"

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