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I'd like to think that the ESP sig might have been mine.  At 1444Z I heard Terry calling CQ with RST 449.  I dropped my callsign three times thereafter.  Repeated likewise after his next CQ.

No luck, but it's worthwhile noting that Terry's sig was moderately readable despite my having already had 190 minutes of sunshine, and the solar generated QRN was at its expected level.

Low temp last night was +6 F.  Now a scorching 31 F.


Charles, W2SH

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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 09:20:45 -0600
Subject: [4sqrp] Thursday Morning Net [1 Attachment]

Good net this morning, thanx to who tried and to those that couldn quite make it.  I heard one station trying (I think)  who was truly ESP.  40 was pretty soft this morning, with signals varying from Phil at 599+ to Mike at abt 339. I was using  my  excellent K8IQY 2N2/40, wotta great receiver!  Hope to hear you all again next week.  Making it in were:

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